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β€œWe identify detailed trend changes in major market channels in Asia using Trendier.”

β€œWe identify detailed trend changes in major market channels in Asia, including Korea, Japan, and Southeast Asia, using Trendier. Real-time data dashboards and regular reports are analyzed by multiple departments together to explore business opportunities.”

Skinfood Marketing Team

β€œThrough Trendier, we understand the sales trends and reasons of competitors, as well as needs from a customer perspective. We are getting a lot of help in deriving sales directions and reviewing needs in the areas of cognition together by extracting keywords by concentrating on sales channels and categories.”

Celimax Product Planning Team

β€œWe identify trends in new products from competitors on major channels such as Naver and Olive Young as Trendier. We are also helping a lot in investigating detailed page highlights and customer review contents that directly affect sales.”

Banila Co. Marketing Team

β€œWe are utilizing Trendier in establishing annual new product and marketing strategies. From setting the development direction of new products to examining competitor detailed pages, customer reviews, and overall market trends simultaneously.”

Feelkeen Marketing Team

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